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5 Reasons to Choose KEYPOWER load bank


5 reasons to choose Keypower load bank


  • Stainess steel control panel on  KEYPOWER load bank with sufficient load steps to get any intended load values, and master load switch enables single-step load test. Fan failure protection, over heating protection,over voltage protection are all available.
  • Competitor's control panel doesn't include master load switch and has only limited load steps.All kinds of protections are missing.
  • KEYPOWER load bank with resistive heaters sheathed in 304 stainless steel rod covered by 3-year warranty.
  • Competitor's resistive heaters are rusted.

  • KEYPOWER load bank's resistive heaters chamber is separated from the outer frame isolated by insulating plate to  ensure safer operation.
  • Competitor's resistive heaters are fitted on the frame without insulating plate.

  • KEYPOWER load bank's resistive heaters are linked together by copper bars and heat-resistant wires.
  • Competitor's resistive heaters are linked without copper bars.

  • Schneider contactors on KEYPOWER load bank guarantee reliable performance and longer service life.
  • Competitor's load bank with unknown brand of contactors.

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