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Classification Of Generator Set, Connection And Difference Between Gasoline Generator And Diesel Generator


Diesel generator and gasoline generator use different kinds of fuel. The fuel for gasoline generator is gasoline , which has strong flammability and volatility, and the quality is improved after ignition by the ignition plug. Therefore, gasoline generators with small size and have strong explosive power, which can start working very fast. Gasoline generators are generally applied to small projects. It is difficult to find that gasoline engine applied to large construction machinery or large transportation vehicle.

Diesel generator uses diesel as fuel, and the low-speed output of diesel engine is much higher than that of gasoline engine, which is also one of the important regulations for large-scale construction machinery to use diesel engine as power. At the same time, the thermal effect of diesel generator is 30% higher than that of gasoline generator, and the capacity exceed that of general gasoline generator. In general, heavy-duty trucks, large construction machinery and diesel generator sets are diesel engines rather than gasoline engines.

The difference between gasoline generator and diesel generator

1. The cylinder body bears different forces.

In the compression stroke stage of diesel engine, the steam becomes smaller. The purpose of the gasoline engine in the compression stroke stage is to reduce the mixture of gasoline and steam.

2. Different ignition methods.

With the help of atomized diesel, the diesel spewed into high-pressure gas and then caught fire. The gasoline engine catch fire with a flame bolt. Diesel generators and gasoline generators only have different power sources. Diesel generators and gasoline generators have same alternators. The alternator is strong and durable under normal operation and maintenance, so the service life of the generator depends on the engine. There is no comparability between service life of diesel engine and gasoline engine. Generally speaking, the service life of the engine is certainly lower than the service life of alternator. Diesel generators with low operating cost, but with high noise level and difficult start-up if working under low temperature .

Gasoline generator: low noise level, saving start-up time and energy during low temperature , but with high operating cost. Generally, gasoline engines are assembly into low-power or portable generators .

3. The gasoline generators have advantage of small size, low noise level and small displacement, which is easy to move to a suitable site. It is generally used in small construction site and indoors.

4. The diesel generator has heavy weight, large displacement and big noise level, which is not easy to move. While diesel generator has big power,which is suitable for light load sites. It is generally used for the company’s backup power supply or big construction sites. In fact, there is no difference between advantage and disadvantage, only the application fields are different.

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