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Keypower assembles Perkins EPA tier 4 final engine


Keypower is the first OEM company in China who has purchased the first unit of Tier 4 final Perkins engine for assembling.

The EPA Emission standards require to reduce two primary exhaust pollutants. Including Particulate matter (PM), which is mostly unburned hydrocarbons like soot that previously shot out the exhaust stack unimpeded, and Nitrates of Oxygen (NOx), which is a primary ingredient of smog.

During diesel engine’s combustion process, particulate matter (PM) forms. Perkins diesel particulate filter (DPF) solutions capture a high percentage of PM or soot  through oxidation reactions.

To reduce the Nitrates of oxygen, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) can be a solution, SCR is the catalysed chemical reaction that reduces NOx to water and nitrogen.

The process uses diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) as the reductant. DEF is injected into a tube where it mixes with the exhaust. The reactions take place as the DEF/exhaust mixture passes through the SCR catalyst.

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